Howdy Guys,

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of our questions concerning your recent breakthrough game, Hidden and Dangerous 2. GNL: What are the different commands you can give your fellow H&D2 players? Are they the same as the original H&D or did you implement more to vary the gameplay more? Lukas: So the varying commands – there are a lot –

(summarizes all the commands in the game)

Obviously the use of the tactical mode in conjunction with setting the Squad's objectives and tactics –

Silent Movement – crouching – in point formation – with an aggressive mind set, but only to fire on your lead would be just one combination you might choose

GNL: In H&D2, vehicles will again be one of the features; what kind of different vehicles can we expect to be drivable? Lukas: So – within Hidden & Dangerous you will come across so many vehicles that you can drive, that to list them out now would take so much time – there are over 40. From the ubiquitous Willy's Jeep, through to Tiger Tanks. It is easier to say the types – so here goes

Motorbikes + sidecars



Anti-Aircraft Trucks

Armored Cars

Armored Personnel Carriers



Self Propelled Artillery

GNL: Tactics and strategy are a vital part in games like H&D2, is H&D2 playable without these aspects? For instance, will the John Rambos among gamers be able to hold their own? Lukas: The game offers you the choice of playing style to suit most people – If you want to play in “Lone Wolf” mode, without a squad to command, then you have the freedom to simply load up with as much weaponry and explosives you can carry and get to it. GNL: How far does realism stretch in H&D2? If someone is foolish enough to shoot me in my stomach will I have a handicap or will it only apply to the lowering of my health? Lukas: The realism in the game is all to do with making the game world “authentic”. Our research was to create the world as it was in this period. Everything from the weapons, vehicles, uniforms, capabilities within the game as accurate as we could.

We even looked at the capabilities involved in a man carrying the actual weapons and ammunition – the heavier the weapon, the less ammunition, the slower he can move – we have tried to bring all this technical knowledge into the game – but at the same time we have made sure this type of detail does not derail the fun.

In terms of the players health – we are pretty unforgiving – the player does have the ability to administer first aid – but this like everything else is something the players tactics decide – do you carry more than one first aid pack, so reduce the amount of ammunition or grenades?