Ter gelegenheid van de release van de Europese versie van Headhunter: Redemption klommen we in de telefoon en regelde we een interview met Amuze, de ontwikkelaar achter beide Headhunter games. Onderstaand vind je het interview alwaar je een aantal aspecten van de game beter uitgelegd krijgt. [G.NL]: First of all, can you tell us something about yourself and the part you play in the development of Headhunter: Redemption? [Amuze]: My name is John Kroknes. I am the founder of Amuze and executive producer/director of Headhunter: Redemption. [G.NL]: Why did you decide to make a sequel to the original Headhunter? [J. Kroknes]: Sales of the first game proved that the public were eager for more Headhunting, so Sega approached us to make a sequel. Unlike most game franchises, we created the Headhunter world and its characters from scratch, so naturally we were bursting with exciting ideas for where to take them next. Plus you always feel that you could do things better the second time around - and we have! [G.NL]: In what way does the story in Headhunter: Redemption relate to its predecessor? [J. Kroknes]: The story of HHR picks up twenty years after the end of the original game. Jack Wade is still a Headhunter and our hero, but this time he has a new young character, Leeza X, as a reluctant sidekick. A mysterious terrorist organisation, the Opposition Network, is challenging the new world order that emerged from the chaos at the end of the first game, but it seems others are manipulating events for their own ends too. The story takes Jack into deeper, darker territory than before, with a genuinely surprising finale that we're not about to reveal. But needless to say, the story has all the twists and turns, larger-than-life characters and satirical humour that are the hallmarks of a Headhunter game. [G.NL]: What are the biggest changes/improvements in Headhunter: Redemption in comparison to the original Headhunter? [J. Kroknes]: All the core elements of the Headhunter world are still in place, though we tilted the balance slightly away from stealth in favour of more intense combat action. The game is bigger, more epic and even more cinematic than before. Visually it's streets ahead of its predecessor, and it has one of the most impressive soundtracks ever to feature in a game. From a storytelling perspective, we tried to give real depth to our characters and storyline this time. Jack Wade and his new sidekick, Leeza X, both face personal demons and grow as characters during their adventure, so the player is taken on a real emotional journey, while saving the world from catastrophe at the same time! [G.NL]: What kind of weapons are we going to handle in this new installment of Headhunter? Is there a way to incapacitate or kill enemies without the use of weapons? [J. Kroknes]: In general, we try not to go too sci-fi or fanciful with our weaponry, but the setting for HHR allowed us to be more imaginative in our use of weapons than was possible in the first game. As well as the hard-core pistols, shotguns and machine guns that you would expect a Headhunter to carry, we've given Jack and Leeza some slightly more futuristic weapons with really cool functionality that offer the player highly satisfying ways of despatching their enemies! In addition, if the player chooses to get up-close and personal, he can take out enemies with fists or feet - plus of course, there's an improved version of the stealth attack.