had an interview with screenwriter en co-founder of DarkWorks 'Antoine Villette', who is currently working on the new episodes of Alone in the Dark. What was the idea behind the production of Alone in the Dark 4 and why was Darkworks assigned to make this game?

Antoine: For Infogrames, i think it was to play again among the bests in a genre that it has created. For us, it was to make the best possible game that we could assuming that it is our very first production. The challenge was very high : reach the quality of such fantastic title as Bio Hazard or Silent Hill, reinvent the myth of Alone In the Dark, build a team... In fact, it was crazy!

The story : we met Infogrames with a playable demo of 1906, an action/adventure game full real time with a quiet good design. They told us that it was too risky to develop an original title with a brand new team an so much ambition. But they proposed that we start the preproduction of the fourth episode of the Alone in the dark serie... And they gave us a "carte blanche". It was a dream! Few months later we succeeded to convince them that we are able to rebirth the legend and we started production. Why did Infogrames/Darkworks decide to make another episode in the saga?

Antoine: You have to ask them. But i think that they was waiting for the right team. It could be seen a little bit presumptuous but that what they told us. What makes part 4 different from the previous parts in terms of gameplay?

Antoine: Since the beginning, we have in mind to produce a "classic" but we knew that we needed also something different, that's why we started R&D around the concept of opposition between light & darkness. This drive us to the "flashlight" technology. And it seems to work very well ! Is AitD focused on adventure gamers or is it made for casual gamers?

Antoine: If both, will starting adventurers receive any help in solving the puzzles?

I think that a casual gamer will need about 15mn to master the characters. Adventure gamers will have no problem at all. You have a kind of "on-line help" with the use of the radio calls. If you are stuck, call the other character, it could be very useful ! How complex did Darkworks try to make the game?

Antoine: Average. But we tried to make the game more and more interesting. Some puzzles could seem difficult but there is always a simple way to solve them. We was more focused on richness than on complexity. Will it be of any help if I played the previous three episodes?

Antoine: No. The old players will find "private jokes" and references. What were the major challenges during the development of the game?

Antoine: To build a such fantastic team and to maintain the motivation of the team. From the game point of view, it was to implement the logic of the adventure : stupid mistakes was always possible. Are there any plans for a fifth part?

Antoine: The New Nightmare is supposed to be the first of a new triology, so.... What are the differences of the pc, psx, ps2 and dreamcast version of the game?

Antoine: The game will remain basically the same. But you will see fantastic graphics improvements for the DC and PS2 versions. Please, be patient.... Now the game is complete, what is the development team going to do? Go on holiday?

Antoine: Holiday ? What is it ? No, of course we have to regain the amazing amount of energy that we spent in the last 4 months. But we have already started the preproductions for two new projects... Last year Infogrames put a lot of money for AitD in the E3 promotion. The final release was a year later. Why this delay?

Antoine: We wanted to offer the player one of the most possible immersive experience. We didn't reach this goal last year. You know a video game is a living creature, things could dramatically change in 2 or 3 weeks. The complexity of an adventure game is so amazing because all the parts are linked one to another. If you solve a problem here, a new problem does appear there. And to solve all the problems, you need nothing more than time. What do you think about the future of adventures?

Antoine: Bright ! People need story as air or water. They need to be involved in stories, they seek emotions that every daylife can't offer and what could do that better than a great adventure game ? What is it you're especially proud of in AitD?

Antoine: It's a game with a special spirit, a game with it own soul. Are you affraid in the dark?

Antoine: No, because, I have always a flashlight with me. And you ? A final word to our readers?

Antoine: Turn the light down, push the volume up and enjoy! Thank you for this interview.

Antoine: No problem.