Maybe you still remember them, the good old days of Mario Kart and Wacky Wheels. These kind of games have been played a lot but the genre is dying. Nintendo is the only one who still makes these games. Isn't there a market anymore for the arcade-powerup-fantasy-racing games? Synaptic Soup things there still is. They are working on a game from this genre, their first project, and it goes by the name Crazy Car Championship. The founders of Synaptic Soup are Vince Farquharson, Rik Heywood and Karl Wickens. They have enough experience, they all come from Bullfrog. They worked on games like Theme Hospital and Dungeon Keeper. I had the honor to have a chat with them, you can find the interview on the next page.

But first I like to tell something about their first product, the Cipher engine. This engine is almost done (it will be tweaked for some years probably, but most of it is done) and the licenses will be sold to many developers. This is also the engine where Crazy Car Championship is based on, they show with this game what is possible with the engine and I beleive it can become a succes. At least the screenshots are promising!