Billie Wilson van voodoo extreme meldt dat Ultima 9 verscheept gaat worden: Origin Systems is proud to announce that Ultima(tm) IX: Ascension has gone GOLD and will be shipping to retailers on November 23, 1999! Prepare to embark on an adventure beyond imagination with the long awaited return of the best selling role-playing series of all time and Lord British's greatest masterpiece ever. In the ninth and final chapter of the 20-year legacy you return to Britannia(tm) for your last epic quest. Experience the most immersive 3D world ever created, with literally thousands of items to interact with and environments that practically breathe. Play the role of the virtuous Avatar, hero of Britannia, as you fight to save Britannia from final destruction. Meet hundreds of characters, all with full speech and animation. Discover new weapons and fantastic spells to use in the fight, as well as challenging puzzles to solve. From the skeleton-infested mines of Covetous to the underwater depths of Ambrosia, you'll find both familiar and unfamiliar territory, rendered in a more beautiful 3D than ever thought possible. Ultima IX: Ascension will have an expected retail price of $49.99 and will be available at your favorite game retailer.