Ve vertelde dat Tread Marks shareware news had! ehhhh....I noticed that the official page for Longbow Digital Arts' tank racing/combat game, Tread Marks has been updated with word of a shareware version of this OpenGL accelerated game on New Years...ok, so we're past New Years and a few of us were wondering WTF is up with that shareware version, as it obviously hasn't been released yet. Here's something Longbow's Seumas slapped up to the Tread Marks forum: After finishing the Full Version I should have realized it would take a few extra days to nail down all the little fiddly bits for the demo (outro screens, purchasing info, minor code changes, license agreement update, etc.). I shouldn't have said it would be out New Year's Day. Right now it _is_ almost done... I just need to build the Installer, and then we need to test it a bit to make sure there's nothing obviously wrong with the package.Best cool, doet me denken Armored first 2 of zoiets.