Bij Game Xtreme hebben ze te melden dat Tread Marks een (shareware) demo heeft gereleased.The Tread Marks Shareware Demo includes: Three Maps (a rolling desert landscape, a grassy landscape with river jumps, water, and trees, and a hellish red landscape with cross-overs and jumps). Three tank types, including a translucent Liquid Class tank. Single race, free-for-all tank battle, and Ladder Racing game modes. 19 Bolt-On weapons (including Nuclear Missiles), plus the main tank guns. Health, Ammo, and Bolt-On Ammo power-ups. Configurable Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick controls. LAN and Internet based multi-player, with optional computer robot tanks. Team play. A full Graphical User Interface. Software Rendering mode (looks bad, isn't that fast, but will run without 3D hardware). Easy support for Voodoo 1, 2, and Rush based 3D accelerators. Hardware 3D audio support, with more compatible 2D audio fallbacks. Insignia flags for player identification. Internet Master Server with in game and pre/post game chat interface.3 best leuke sreenies.

Je kan de demo hier neerhalen.