Een aantal nieuwe screens en wat features van de komende strategie-game van Sierra. Command your squads in a variety of formations, across rugged terrain, and to victory in several different mission objectives. Focus on the strategy and action. Ground Control eliminates many of the tedious aspects of typical RTS games and focuses its gameplay on tactics, strategy, and the art of battle. Choose your troops. Various types of tanks, hover bikes, airplanes, and soldiers will be at your disposal. However once you are in battle you won't be able to make more, so proper troop selection will be key to success. Arm your troops. Each unit type has special weapons, abilities, and armor. Players can choose to custom fit each unit or let the game auto-select the proper load out for each mission. Advanced artificial intelligence makes your troops and your enemy's troops act and fight realistically. A gripping story line will unfold as you command your troops through 30 single-player missions. Take the battle online. Battle your friends or enemies via the Internet or LAN in traditional RTS multiplay, as well as in multiplayer modes new to the RTS genre. Control the camera to get a better view of the action. A free-floating camera allows you to zoom in and out and view the action from any angle.