De naalden mannekes bij Voodoo Extreme hebben een interviewtje gehad met Magnetic Fields (Amiga: Supercars ) over hun nieuwe rally game!Generally all around nice guy and big fan of the Spice Girls, Andrew Morris of Magnetic fields gave us the opportunity to ask him a few questions despite the fact they they are working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the soon to be golden Rally Championship...

We have groundbreaking physics that have been programmed by our lead-programmer Shaun Southern. We have worked with 15 top rally drivers to make sure that they are as realistic as possible. And, as mentioned above we have a variety of game modes including two Simulation, an Arcade, Time Trial and Single. There is also an array of multi-player modes.

VE: Do you confirm or deny the rumors that several of the Magnetic Fields team members were "busted" at a swingers party with the Spice Girls?

Andrew: It's well know that the Spice Girls are attracted to smelly, puerile, social outcasts with no dress sense and bad spots ()but our programmers couldn't make it. A few beers and an evening on the Internet is more their style. I went though, and yes, I was 'busted' by all of them (but don't tell my girlfriend). [Ed. Note - It would appear as though Andrew being an English bloke didn't quite get my meaning of being busted, but his sounds like a lot more fun!]

Spice Girls ?