Een nieuwe map voor quake 3. Volgens mij wisseld het elkaar af dan een UT map en dan weer Q3A map. Deze map kan gebruikt worden bij een deatmatch.Glenn "Hatchet" Montgomery has whipped up a new Quake3 map pack that should hold Rocket Arena fans over until RA3 is released. Here's his description of this three map (one on one) pack: This is a pack file containing three maps designed to simulate Rocket Arena by spawning players with guns, armor, and extra health. The simulation continues by using Tournament mode (1 on 1), and a fraglimit of one to make RA players feel at home (sort of). There are some holes in this illusion, as veteran RA players will notice, but it is still a blast, and should tide people over until the real RA3 comes out. These maps can be played deathmatch, and they have full bot support, but the experience may be traumatic. Je kan de map hier neerhalen. (2MB)