Todd Hollenshead, de big kahuna bij ID software heeft wat te melden over de release date van quake 3. :Hollenshead has spoken out, raising his voice above the cries from frantic hordes of blood-hungry deathmatch addicts, to clarify Quake III's impending release date. "The release date for Quake III Arena is, as you know, 'When it's done!'," he bravely proclaimed. "Retailers are notorious for posting 'official' release dates, but unless it comes directly from id, it's just speculation."He is correct in his condemnation of retailers, with EB World forecasting a date of Dec. 1, and GameStop predicting that Nov. 30 will be the time of reckoning.En wat info over die mooie blikken doos: "We won't be selling these direct from id - it's purely a retail promotion. There is no difference in the game content, only the box is different. Some retailers are charging more for the tin box, and some are charging the same price. The actual retail price of the game is something that is out of our direct control, but we aren't charging the retailers more for the limited edition box. I don't have a full list of all of the retailers world-wide, but in the U.S. EB, Babbages, and CompUSA are all participating at a minimum. Availability may vary by store, however."