Vinny Duong van Exxtreme3D Heeft een interview met de Managing Director van Picassio, Russell Ritchie.

Je vindt het hele interview hier.Vinny: One thing that caught my attention about this game was that it was totally non-violent. Why did you decide to head into this direction? Russell: Our team believes that a game does not have to be violent to be awesomely playable, in fact violence would detract from the gameplay. It takes more skill to immobilize an opponent than to kill. The guards are plentiful and obviously do not take chloroform and stun darts to work with them! If you are spotted or heard by a guard he will come after you. From that moment, there is a time limit before he hails his colleagues in which you can immobilise him or escape. However the guards are not your biggest problem - it's the other cat burglar who has been assigned to the same mission. He has a similar arsenal to you, and is after the same piece of art. If your opponent manages to immobilise you he can take a number of your gadgets. Vinny: What does the name "Picassio" have to do with this game? Is it just me or does it seem familiar to the famous painter, "Picasso"? Russell: "Picassio" is our in-house codename for the project. As soon as we mention "Picassio", people think of art and after all this is a game about acquiring art (albeit illegally). Non-violent? Sinds wanneer is het overmeesteren en uitschakelen van mensen geen geweld meer dan?