Zoals gisteren al gemeld heeft Westwood een nieuwe patch uitgebracht voor de C&C: Renegade demo.

In de nieuwe patch zijn een aantal belangrijke problemen gefixt. Er is opnieuw geprobeert de lag flink te verminderen, je kunt nu de "bandwith test" skippen en je krijgt nu een "version mismatch" als de server op een andere versie draait.Found and corrected a problem creating extensive lag.

We turned off the dedicated server requirement. Any player can host a game now, Renegade will simply limit the number of players to an acceptable level (ex. a 56K modem can serve up 2 players, cable modems can serve 4 to 8).

Reduced the bandwidth test. Once the bandwidth test has determined an appropriate number it will present the user with a "SKIP" button which will speed up entry into a game. This is provided as a convenience, we do not recommend you use the button because your bandwidth on any given day will vary, and the more accurately the server knows your bandwidth, the better the game will play for you.

Reduced time spent in the initial splash screen. The first time you see the splash screen it will stay up for 4 seconds, after that it will up for a minimal (if any) amount of time. This was done to facilitate entry into the game.

Fixed a bug that was creating instability in the server.

Added a version check. If you join a server that does not match your version you will receive a "Version Mismatch" dialog.

Surf snel naar Westwood voor de patch.