Alle modders en skinners zullen blij zijn met het nieuws dat C&C: Renegade gmax support krijgt. Gmax is een tool om 3D levels, models, skins, voertuigen en wapens mee te maken voor Westwoods shooter. De creaties kunnen gebruikt worden in zowel single! als multiplayer.

"Action gamers clearly want the ability to build new maps and mods for their games, so we're giving them a great tool to build with," said Dan Cermak, executive producer of Renegade. "Discreet's gmax will give hard-core Renegade players everything they need to customize, modify and extend their game."

"Westwood's decision to include gmax with Renegade further highlights the value of gmax as a cutting edge add-on for one of the most exciting games available on the PC," said Paul Perreault, gmax product manager. Om alvast te oefenen met dit handige pakketje van Discreet kan je het hier downloaden. Meer nieuws over Renegade en gmax lees je hier.