Het is weer eens tijd om wat auto's te slopen in Interstate 82. Ook is het nu mogelijk om uit je sportbolide te stappen. Beter als Driver? We zullen zien.In Interstate 82, players set out to unravel a conspiracy that brings together the Oval Office, Central American revolutionaries and would-be presidential assassins. Multiplayer pits gamers against each other in cars and on foot as they fight through such intense, complex environments as mines, sewer tunnels, a shopping mall and a unique depiction of Las Vegas. Would-be vigilantes throttle heavily armed 80s vehicles, from exotic sports cars to American washouts as they search out and destroy the evil forces hiding at a super secret military base, Area 49. More than 30 missions in 20 levels challenge gamers to thwart the efforts of an ultra-secret government faction determined to plunge the nation into chaos.