Voodooextreme melde dat er cheats zijn uitgekomen voor I'82 these codes are accessable from the sim [ESC] screen. To enter them type the name below and then hit the [ESC] key again to go back to the sim: KISS This will kill the vehicle that is currently targeted. (SP only) LOVE This will kill all enemies on radar. (SP only) CUDDLE This will make whatever vehicle you are in invulnerable. Repeat to disable. (SP only) HUGS This will make any friendlies invulnerable. Repeat to disable. (SP only) CARESS This will reset your ammo to full. IMLAME This will auto-win a mission. SYRUP This will make all AI vehicles stop in their tracks, but they can still shoot. (SP only) MRFREEZE This will freeze time for all AI. NUKEME This will suicide the player in SP, IA, or MP games. Counts as suicide in MP games.