De bikkels van HardOCP hebben een bezoekje gebracht aan ID. Hier mochten ze Quake ]I[ alvast spelen! Mag ik de volgende keer? The maps progress from very one-dimensional to complex stratospheres as the game progresses. I think id wanted to give the newbie or not-so-experienced player a while to ramp up to the BIG stuff. Even the beginning maps are chock full of eye-candy and fun for the whole family without being boring at all. Kinda reminded me of some of the original DOOM maps.Well while it seems UT is still giving id some competition, I would have to say that Quake 3 Area is now in the lead.

Why you ask? First off the eye-candy has simply moved to another level. The maps are beautiful, you will find yourself getting your ass fragged for sitting around checking out the textures and architecture. The bots are simply undetectable from GOOD human players. I think the single player aspect of the game is going to rock for those who are not Net savvy. The models and skins you will see on your opponents is not only super-detailed, many will make you laugh either because they are so over the top or simply off the beaten gaming path. I love it when we see humor interjected like it should be (IMO). I think id is taking a whole tongue-in-cheek approach to the FEELING of the whole game. That does not mean there is not going to be some serious deathmatch going on though.Check de pics.. Voornamelijk die van Lara!