Volgens veel mensen gaat dit een vet goede game worden aan de reacties te zien soms onder andere reviews ik moet wel zeggen dat de plaatjes er wel vet goed uit zien!Hoping that the turning of the century will signify more than fancy fireworks, and Y2K which turned out to be quite a joke, game developers seem to be moving beyond conventional thinking when it comes to game design and the technology they use to craft games that have long lasting influences. If you look at the past 25 years or so (pretty much the extent of video gaming history) and see the countless thousands of video games that have been released there's probably about only a dozen or two that will ever really go down in history as "pioneer" games. This has become a problem in the industry as companies too often release games that because of the nature of their un-original gameplay or lack of push into using tommorow's technologies have a shelf life of about a year at most and then are tossed into the annals of forgotten gaming history.