Zo, binnenkort kan je een gratis add-on downen voor Myth. Deze zal op 15 November hier te downen zijn!Since the release of the "Fear" and "Loathing" level editors with Myth II, hundreds of Myth players have evolved into game designers, creating third-party maps and plug-ins and releasing them online. Some of the best of these are included in the Codex. Many of the plug-ins are set in game worlds entirely different from the fantasy battlefields of the Myth games. Among them are:[bullet]Assassin! is a single-player map set in feudal Japan pitting one ninja against a Shogun's army.[bullet]WWII Recon and WWII Titans features WWII-era combat with rifles, grenades and armored vehicles.[bullet]In Wild West, gunslingers fight it out with six-shooters, shotguns and dynamite.[bullet]In Civil War, it is the Blue versus the Grey with cavalry, cannon and rifles.[bullet]Pirates of the Caribbean features cutlasses, rum and wild apes.[bullet]Worlds Collide features high-energy combat in an original sci-fi universe. Url maar ff onthouden he