Hier een preview van dit coole spel op de pcThe eighth instalment in the long-running Final Fantasy series bears little resemblance to previous outings. Say goodbye to the cartoonish sight of Cloud, Barret and Aeris and hello to the far more realistic presence of Squall, Laguna and Seifer as a whole new set of Earth-shattering, roleplaying adventures get set for arrival in the new year. Those of you familiar with Final Fantasy VII will be aware of Squaresoft's use of slick FMV sequences to intersperse the gameplay and drive the narrative along, and version eight develops this. In fact, right from the very start of Final Fantasy VIII you'll find that it has surpassed itself, delivering a rendered opening sequence which wouldn't look out of place at your local cinema. And, as befits a Final Fantasy game, the scenes are not just there for show, but play an integral part in the plot. No sooner does the opening sequence finish than your character wakes up in a hospital bed, recovering from the effects of his activity in the opening title scenes.je kan het hier vinden