De dagelijkse demo update van demo news:Phoenix demoIf you look at the screenshot you'll see that it's a great looking game worth downloading. Here's the description: "The world of Phoenix is harsh, brooding and paranoiac, populated not with heroes and villains but with real people. People scarred by their histories, each with their own inner demons and their own ways of dealing with them and all of them carried along by the fiendishly convoluted plot as it twists and turns its way towards seemingly inevitable disaster. Set in the middle of the new millennium you take the role of Beck a police officer, who through an apparently tragic quirk of fate finds himself thrust reluctantly into the role of hero. Challenged by a wide variety of different missions, the route you take through the game will vary depending on your skill."glUFO v0.09 releasedThe demo lets you fly the UFO about, orbit and zoom the camera around in third and first person views. I have started a worklog so any new features or improvements will be detailed there. To run glUFO, you must be running Windows 95/98/NT and have OpenGL drivers installed. Using a 32bit desktop will reduce dithering artifacts and shrinking the window size can have a big effect on framerate. Let me know if your vidcard doesn't work! Check the readme file for the keyboard controls."Michelle Kwan Figure SkatingJust listen to this: Michelle Kwan Figure Skating is a competitive, figure skating simulation that succeeds on many levels; it's rewarding, creative, and deep--and, guess what, it's also graceful, fluid, and elegant. 19-year old World Champion figure skater Michelle Kwan is the inspiration for EA's foray onto the skating rink, and her influence abounds throughout the game. Everything from Kwan's image and voice to her favorite routine and trademark moves are here, so anyone can take to the ice as the decade's most decorated skater.Talk Show RiotThis really has nothing to do with API, nor 3D, but I'm sure you're going to LOVE this game. Read!: Jerry Springer, Rikki Lake, and Maury Povich have nothing on these fighters. In Talk Show Riot, you pick from a variety of characters in your quest to become the biggest draw in daytime TV. In your riot, you will use fists, beer bottles, chairs, baseball bats, and more as you destroy the competition. Your competition includes a variety of guests, including the fat lady, the pimp, the out-of-control teen, the drag queen, and even a member of the KKK. Die laatste lijkt me wel komisch, ik zal getright eens aan het werk zetten