De mannen van IXBT hebben speciaal voor jou de Annihilator bekeken :So, what is the most striking thing? It is the memory similar to the way it was made on Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra - all chips are the same, we even compared the marking. As we have already mentioned the bottleneck of most today's graphics accelerators is the memory bus bandwidth. In other words, no matter how big the bottle is: if the neck is the same size as by a much smaller one, the amount of water, which can pour out of it in a certain period of time remains the same in both cases. This is the first cause for disappointment. What is the sense of making a more powerful chipset if the memory fails to catch up with it anyway? The sad fate of 32-bit color remained sad again. We have every reason to say so since at this color depth the data exchange rate with the memory is too low for the graphics accelerators to perform up to the required level.