VoodooExtreme melde dat er nieuws was over Counter-Strike.You were just starting to twitch a little, weren't ya?  Wondering the latest on Counter-Strike -- welp, here's your fix:Just an update about what's going on with the patch. 5.1 is currently being tested and it's going pretty well. If you are an admin and want to take part in the experimental pre-release testing, stop by the admin forum.The current plan is to release 5.1 as a server side only patch as soon as we get it totally stable. Then 5.2 (which may be a client patch too) will fix the lag problems further and other outstanding bugs that need fixing.And speaking of the lag problems, Gooseman posted to the forum a bit of information. I'll quote it:I'm working on re-coding the chasecam modes. It won't be as powerful as the current ones but the current ones are the major source of lag (this is apparent when you start killing 4 or 5 players). The lag becomes unbearable in heavy firefights (excessive packet loss for my cable modem! I even got flooded out of 3 servers last weekend). So I had to totally re-code the chasecam mode. It might not be ready for BETA 5.1 but let's keep our fingers crossed. If I can fix up the chasecam mode, I think I'll have solved the lag concerns..So as you can see, the CS team, Valve, and Barking Dog will not rest until 5.x is crash and lag free.In the meantime, admins, if you are still having frequent crashes, I recommend using serverdoc to restart crashed servers. It will be useful until 5.1 has been released.