Pc IGN heeft, volgens Shugashack, een van de eerste interviews met Westwood over C&C: Renegade geritseld! Lees het hele stuk hier.More importantly, the character that you'll play in Renegade is none other than the Commando we all remember from the sixth GDI mission in the original C&C. At least some of us remember him. The game will take place during the timeline of the original game as well. Nod has kidnapped Dr. Mobius and is using him to create a "super soldier." Those of you who have played Tiberian Sun should already be getting the picture. Since the game isn't due out for a few months, we thought we'd chat with the executive producer of the title, Louis Castle.

The storyline takes place within the C&C universe and begins about the same time as the GDI commando mission and ends slightly after the end of the original C&C. The story is of Nod's efforts to create the super soldier, the Tiberian cyborg that ultimately forms the rank and file of Nod's forces in Tiberian Sun. To this end, Nod captures the leading scientists of the world. If the player is successful in freeing the scientists and destroying Nod's research they will set back Nod's plans for 30 years, if not, the end is swift for the GDI. All of their efforts ride on the actions of one man.Kewl!