Gamersdepot heeft een interessant artikel waarin ze de Fury Maxx het oplaten nemen tegen de Annihilator :Wow! We were absolutely blown away by the performance of both cards. This round proved to be a tough one indeed. On the high-end Athlon 700 the ATI Rage Fury Maxx, under 32bit mode, absolutely raped the GeForce, and sent it away carrying a jar of Vaseline. We did the 16bit benchmarks, however it's doubtful that anyone would want to spend $2K+ on a high-end gaming system, then an additional $250.00 for a graphics card just to run it at 640x480 @ 16bit.The GeForce, in my opinion only really shines on the lower-end Celeron 500 system, as it completely pulls away from the more CPU-dependant ATI Rage Fury Maxx in all of our testing. This, however, seems to be kind of like shooting themselves in the foot. "Hey, let's design a card, and price it so that only high-end gamers would/could afford it, and then not have it perform well under 32bit, which is the color mode we've been preaching to other companies *cough* 3dfx *cough* for the last 6 months." duh..