planet riva heeft wat info online gegooid over de ASUS V6600 deluxe:Overclockers should take note of the special features this board offers, including temperature monitoring and dynamic overclocking. Here's some snippets; on their SmartCooling Technology: ASUS also unveiled its new SmartCooling Technology in the AGP-V6600 Deluxe. It can optimize the card's horsepower depending on the actual demands of the user's applications. The SmartCooling Technology will automatically reduce horsepower of the AGP-V6600 to save power consumption to lengthen the card components' life when the user does not need the full power of the AGP-V6600, for example, when typing an email and reading data file. If high performance is needed, then the full horsepower of the AGP-V6600 will automatically be restored to the user. This means there's no performance compromise but the average temperature of the GeForce256 GPU and other critical components is lowered from 8 to 10 degrees Celsius than the competitor's GeForce256 cards. The lower temperature also makes for a longer components' life cycle to the users and adds reliability. And Dynamic OverClocking Technology: The overclocking is no longer a fixed setting with the ASUS Dynamic Overclocking technology. This technology can prevent excessive overclocking that can exhaust and shorten the GeForce256 GPU's life. The new Dynamic Overclocking technology from ASUS can let you overclock in a dynamic way. The overclocking occurs only when you really need the horsepower to run high-speed graphics applications. For waiting state, idle state, interactive state, your AGP-V6600 Deluxe card should be able to take a rest. So, no more fixed overclocking, which is an outmoded and risky technology.