Zoals niemand ontgaan is staat deze week Battlefield: Vietnam in de aandacht. Om het fijne van deze game te weten hebben we AJ Marini, Battlefield: Vietnam Executive Producer en Senior Designer, geinterviewd. Dit is wat hij over het spel te zeggen had:

In previous interviews we read that the infantry would play a bigger role in BattleField: Vietnam, what can the grunts on the battlefield expect from this change of balance?

We felt that the infantry component could be strengthened in terms of game play and the look and feel. Given that the infantry played a larger role in the Vietnam War, it felt right to carry over the same shift for Battlefield Vietnam. For the player, this means he won't necessarily have to run and hide when a tank or a helicopter comes. Soldiers will be more balanced when squaring off against a vehicle so there will be less frustration.

What will happen to the BF:1942 community when BattleField: Vietnam is released, don't you think it will divide the current community

I really can't say. Everyone has their own personal likes and dislikes and I'm sure there are many players out there that will play BF1942 for years to come. At the same time, new players will be brought in to the community because of the new theater of battle. I am very hopeful that the majority of player will transition from BF1942 over to Vietnam.

Why should BF:1942 players switch to BattleField: Vietnam?

Despite all BF1942 had to offer, we felt there was room for improvement. The game was good and immersive, but it could have been better and more immersive. That was our goal with BFV. The game is a better more immersive experience than BF1942.

Which songs are present in BattleField: Vietnam and can we play "paint it black" from the helicopter?

The Rolling Stones didn't make it onto the soundtrack unfortunately. But we do have 16 songs and a very strong soundtrack. The soundtrack includes tracks by the Jefferson Airplane, the Guess Who, Deep Purple, two rare live tracks from The Kinks, and the first Video Game appearance of Credence Clearwater Revival. We have a sample of all the tracks on the official site. http://www.eagames.com/official/battlefield/vietnam/us/home.jsp#

Can we use boobytraps, if yes, how will they work?

Yes, there are traps in the game. They are inconspicuous weapons that can be placed in areas. An unsuspecting soldier happens by and becomes the unfortunate victim. I'm anxious to see exactly how creative players can be with there placement.