In een volledig volgepropt irc-kanaal organiseerde gisteren een exclusieve chat met Ed Del Castillo, de producer die oa bekendheid kreeg met zijn werk voor Westwood Studios (Command & Conquer) en meer recent met de oprichting van Liquid Entertainment. Ter gelegenheid van de 'Battle Realms' launch kwam Ed ons persoonlijk van wat info voorzien over deze nieuwe game. Terwijl de chat om 8 uur 's avonds was gepland bleek Castillo al om 7 uur actief in het kanaal bezig te zijn en volop in de aandacht te staan bij de aanwezige bezoekers. Om 7.30 ging de chat dan toch een half uur vroeger dan gepland van start.

Ed Del Castillo was te gast om te chatten over zijn

nieuwste RTS game: Battle Realms

[goodieman] Welcome mr. Castillo, first we'll start with the familiar stuff. [goodieman] Please tell us what you do at Liquid and what you have done in the past. [castillo] I'm the President of Liquid. On Battle Realms I was the Creative Director for the Design and the Art Director for the art. I came up with the world, characters, etc. and how they all worked together. [goodieman] When and how did you decide to start Liquid? [goodieman] and ofcourse...why? [castillo] After I left Origin, I thought about getting out of the business... [castillo] I took a 2 week vacation, but while i was there all I could think about was what I wanted to do next... [castillo] the end of the trip, it was decided and and I started work on the co. [castillo] mpany (d) [goodieman] so...did you have any help when you started Liquid? [goodieman] some familiar names maybe? [GPXiz] maybe some unfamiliar [castillo] Initially no. Actually, the person who was going to be my initial partner, completely abandoned me and talked all the other people out of coming. I had to start from scratch... [goodieman] poor guy [goodieman] but how did you meet the people you made Battle Realms with? [goodieman] you just hired them or did something else happen? [castillo] Soon enough though, I partnered with an old friend of mine Mike Grayford and he is now the Vice President ofd the company. (d) [goodieman] nice...some people are mentioning there were some Cavedog and Westwood people at Liquid. Are they still there? [goodieman] or haven't they been there at all? [castillo] There were initially some Westwood people, some Blizzard people and others from various parts of the business, many have left because the work was too hard for them but we still have a few. Mike and I are both X-Westwood also. [castillo] (d)